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Music zoo is, uh, a tech demo about singing animals, made for Music Game Jam 2018.

I hoped I would have time to implement some actual gameplay, but some IRL stuff got in the way. My list of goals for the project may also have been a bit ambitious for a 15 day jam.

At any rate, I'm quite happy with a few things about this and I'll tell you all about it.

The animal synthesizer

Each animal in the game has a single sample, and can pitch-bend notes from that in 2D positional audio. The samples are simple mouth-sounds with a known frequency.

I intend the core gameplay to revolve around the dynamic arrangement of a core melody and the vocal/rhythmic limitations of animals. For now, they all just sing notes exactly as they are on the midi track. They sound pretty much like I hoped. :)

Many thanks to @arlez80 for making the awesome Godot Midi Player asset, which does the heavy lifting of reading midi files.

Made with Blender

I got quite excited with the reveal of the new Grease Pencil on Blender 2.8, so I did all of the game's graphics with a nightly build.

There was jank at times, I admit, but generally it was pretty pleasant to work with. I can totally see it having a place in my 2D graphics pipeline.

Roadmap and future stuff

I'm far from done with this toy. I could probably have reached having some gameplay if I worked on greyboxen, but hey, I wanted to fool around with Grease pencil, no regrets.

Version 0.11 is a bugfix release, mainly implementing proper level loading logic in order to avoid a pretty consistent crash bug on version 0.1. There are a bunch of half-finished features in the works. I was hoping to have at least one actual feature included with this release, but work stuff got in the way and I ended up holding on to the fix for quite a long time.

Anyhow, most of the stuff I started this project for lies ahead. It looks something like this:

  • Animal fumbles and mistakes
  • Teach godot (some) MUSICAL THEORY!
  • Musical arrangement gameplay
  • Animal-collecting gameplay
  • Procedural pentatonic melodies
  • Dynamic accompaniament
  • Percussive foliage
  • a few more animals
  • More absurdist comedy

Ok, yeah, that's a lot. Oh well, next jam I'll have a smaller idea (and work faster!).


music_zoo-0.11-x86_64.tar.gz 15 MB
music_zoo-0.11-Win64.zip 14 MB

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